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The face and Lead Interior Designer behind Made with Grace + Grit. 

Hi there, I'm Cassie Beech


Our family is on our third forever home. After updating each of them, I realized that our environment has a huge impact on our everyday life. I've seen the confidence that comes from opening the door to a home that reflects your heart time and time again.

A home that cradles your family and nurtures the life within its walls will change your daily experience. That's why I'm so passionate about creating spaces that are not only beautiful, but functional! A home that's designed specifically for you makes everyday life flow seamlessly.

I’m obsessed with helping busy families create spaces that serve them well and elevate their daily experience.

My Why

We believe that your home should be your sanctuary and haven in the world. A place of retreat and refuge. We don't believe in a copy and paste approach to interior design, because timeless design supports your unique family and lifestyle. We lean towards timeless materials because we recognize that your home will need to evolve with the ever changing needs of your family too.

For our team, it's not just about the beauty and aesthetics of a space. It goes much deeper than that. It's about the function of each space too. Our homes should reflect our personalities, spark deep emotion, and serve as tool to support our everyday lives. Our homes feel like a daily blessing when they're designed well. This is the work we get excited to do each and every week.

We believe in timeless design that holds up to daily life... and an abundance of storage!

Your home is your sanctuary.

How I Like To Relax

Reading + DIY projects

Favorite Drink

Moscow mule +

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Dream Vacation


Childhood Nickname

Cassie Jo from Cocomo

Favorite TV Show

Anything Magnolia Network

Six Random Facts About Me

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An investment in your home is an investment in your family, health, and sanity - don't put it off any longer!

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